Sponsorship is an action that is accomplished without thinking a win-win or profit situation with BUSAR for the sake of the public. In case of sponsorship, sponsors only achieve to promote their entities or image in the Social Responsibility Arena.

Hizmet Sponsorluğu: Service Sponsorship:

Sponsors, depending on their production or service type may send materials to be distributed to the needy under BUSAR management; and become Service Sponsor; i.e. a logistics company can dedicate its fleet for shipment of goods to Disaster Zone.

Destek Sponsorluğu: Direct Support Sponsorship.

Sponsors, again depending on their production or service areas, may compensate some of BUSAR’s necessities by allocating their  product(/s) and become a Direct Support Sponsor. This type of sponsor also can open direct communication therefore support of other companies that they are connected to.

Sponsor Olmanın Sağlayacağı Avantajlar: Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor

• Sponsorship corportation will be announced at all internal communications
• Sponsor’s logo will be used at our web site, rescue vehicles, seminars, symposiums and trainings.
• In case of Sponsor’s seminar or event location need, it can be arranged within Bahcesehir University Facilities.
• Sponsor’s brand will be promoted during BUSAR’s activities which includes press.

For more information please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +90 212 324 34 46 - +90 541 899 89 80 or simply fill out the Contact Form.